10 Unusual Ways To Get Money Fast

by otopenews
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More money. We all wish we had a bit more. Right?

To buy that fancy dress, new gadget, save more for a vacation, pay off debt or a cool dinner date.

This article features some unusual yet effective ways to make money. 

You can make an extra dollars without spending much of your time or effort.

So if you’re looking for unusual ways to get money fast, here are some creative ideas to check out.

Let’s dive in.

1. Unusual Subscription Services

Technology contributes to higher levels of convenience. You can sell and deliver anything you want online.

So, if you have a business or considering one, adopting a subscription model can help you achieve consistent monthly revenue. Your clients know precisely what and when to expect through a simple subscription payment system.

Some unusual subscription businesses you can start right now are;

  • A snack subscription box for unique candies, herbs, spices etc
  • Hobby newsletter packed with information on how-tos and plans, events etc
  • Accountability calls to help people stay on track with their goals.
  • Private library or rare books or resources
  • Unique greeting card and stationery subscriptions

2. Make Money from Being a Friend.

It sounds like a weird way to make money fast but cool. Right?

Well, how do you get paid to be someone’s friend? Thanks to RentAFriend, where people looking for a friend pay a monthly fee to get potential friends near them.

As a friend, you can sign up to the site (completely free) and advertise yourself to anyone interested. You set the hours, price plus you keep all the money you make. How cool?

Truly one of the unconventional ways to make money online

3. Help People Communicate with Dead Pets or Loved Ones

Being a medium is another unusual way to get money fast, especially if you are a medium for pets. 

You’ll find people interested in connecting with pets from beyond the grave. 

You must have the spidey senses believe in whatever you do, and know-how to communicate with the dead. Psychics appeal to many because they have many ways of getting messages to people.

For example, Lisa Miller is psychic, and she charges a scheduled reading fee of $ 125 – $ 225

Some activities you can do are crystal ball reading, tarot cards, or communicating directly with the departed loved ones.

4. Korean “Mukbang”

What’s Mukbang? 

It’s a Korean word for “easting” and “broadcast.” It means a broadcast of someone eating. The trend started in South Korea in the 2000s when Korean TV variety shows followed people around as they ate.

If you’re wondering how to make money doing mukbang, then clearly, this is one unusual way people make money fast, especially with YouTube.

Record yourself eating a variety of food as you interact with your followers.

Your fans will enjoy watching you, not only because they’re fascinated by the amount of food you can eat but also because you make food look and sound delicious.

5. Hangover Helpers

You need to get money fast, then capitalize on hundreds of “party animals” around you. 

Someone in your neighbourhood might have thrown a party and needs a quick clean up. Did a couple of beers with friends while the wife was away and turned it into a raging drunken house party. Now the house resembles the aftermath of a tornado, and his wife and kids are on their way back home.

Offer the cleaning service, and cook breakfast for them. When you’re done, not even the wisest wife can tell that there was a mess – and smile your way to the bank.

6. Services for Stoners

Marijuana is becoming recreationally legal in most states. And offering services catering to the needs of many people partaking in the new-found legal bliss is one creative way to make money fast.

Hotels, cafes, and tourism companies are advertising themselves as pot-friendly. They even send monthly boxes of marijuana products to their customers’ doors.

Therefore pot delivery has become an incredibly large industry in areas where marijuana is legal. It presents an opportunity for you to consider a niche within the industry and create a following of loyal stoners willing to buy your products.

7. Venom Milker

It’s an insane job having to handle deadly and venomous snakes every day for their venom.

While it’s a dangerous job, snake venom is essential in science and used to make medicines and antivenoms to save lives. For example, venom is used to make medicine that helps with both stroke and cancer tumors.

Venom milking is a dangerous job, so you have to do it professionally and acquire some level of training. A degree in chemistry, biology, biochemistry and herpetology (the study of reptiles) would be useful.

It’s also a regulated industry. USDA regulates who can buy or sell snake venom. It’s an expensive market where milkers make an average of $2,500 per month.

8. Become a Professional Mourner

Who wants to be around sad people every day? But some people get paid to attend funerals. Other tasks may be to deliver a eulogy or stand amongst the crowd and comfort the grieving family.

Professional mourning (also known as moirologist) is an ancient occupation derived from the Mediterranian culture.

You can make money for weeping, lamenting and wailing the dead at funerals of people you have never met and earn a perfect living.

So, maybe it; ‘s your time to start crying your way to the bank also.

People have weird ways to get rich. Right? What do you think?

9. Become a Human Guinea Pig

The idea sounds frightening and pretty risky. 

I mean, who would want to expose their body to substances that have never been tested on other humans?

Well, before dismissing the idea, look at your medicine cabinet. 

Can you imagine every single one of these medicines had to be tested on someone before they were sold? All of them! 100%

While it also poses some risk to you, all clinical researchers go through strict ethical and regulatory checks before they get to the patient.

So as a human guinea pig, researchers closely monitor you during this study and hence minimizing the chances of something going wrong.

10. Sell Strange but Legal Pets

Jellyfish is an odd pet in demand and brings a fair share of the cash.

You can also sell butterflies and other loads of specialized animals and insects.

But to sell odd pets, you have to know which pets are legal to own in the US. For example, you can keep the Capybara (the largest rodent in the world) in Texas and Pennsylvania. But other states require you to register it as a pet.

Fennec foxes (the smallest fox in the world) weighs about 4 pounds and acts more like a domesticated cat or dog. They are legal in Minnesota, Nevada, Missouri, and Washington.


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