5 Jobs You Can Do From Home

by otopenews

To work from home is a goal many people have set as part of their 2020 resolutions. When asked to choose, millennials are known for leaning towards getting more time to themselves than money, which is why remote jobs are increasing at a rapid pace.  

Deciding on how to begin searching for a remote job can be overwhelming, especially when there are so many careers that could be completely executed from home. One of the biggest advantages that online jobs offer is the possibility of working around a flexible schedule. In addition, commuting gets completely erased from the equation, saving thousands of dollars a year in transportation and clothing. Furthermore, in many cases, you won’t even need a college degree. 

Unfortunately, even though an online job could represent a great opportunity, very few people take this path because of fear or lack of knowledge. Below you will find the top 5 professional jobs to do remotely in 2020 and the advantages and disadvantages that each one offers.

Top 5 Online Jobs To Do In 2020

1. Work As A Copywriter

Most companies need somebody to create content for emails, websites and other company-related products. The copywriter’s job is to create engaging content capable of converting a reader into a client, leading users into a specific advertisement, click on a button, sign up for a newsletter, and so on. Creativity and cleverness with words are a must if you are to pursue a career as a copywriter.


  • High demand
  • The professional outlets are diverse. You can specialize in a particular sector or in the type of content you prefer to create


  • Even if you write the content, it is more likely that someone else will own it
  • You don’t write what you want, but what your client asks

2. Working As A Digital Trafficker

A professional digital trafficker helps others to advertise products on the Internet. Online advertising is a very in-demand sector that requires professionals to help with the creation of ad campaigns for social media platforms to attract clients. 


  • With good training, you can go from knowing nothing about online advertising to making a living out of it in a very short period of time (just 3-6 months)
  • The same knowledge you use to help other companies will help attract more customers


  • To get started you need to spend money on advertisement campaigns or find a client or friend who can hire you at the beginning
  • Social media algorithms are constantly changing, which requires you to be up to date with the latest trends 

3. Work As A Developer

Developing jobs have a very high demand rate, and with a limited supply of skilled individuals in this specific sector, companies are offering great benefits to keep their talent. A developer’s job is to create software and applications by writing code in one or more of the different programming languages that exist. Developers can easily work from home due to the fact that the only thing they need is an internet connection, which is why this is one of the most open sectors to remote work today. 


  • It’s a profession with a great future
  • If you have some experience and speak English, you can find a job anywhere in the world
  • You can make good money out of it


  • Programming bootcamps or courses can be quite expensive
  • It requires a high level of logic skills
  • It’s continuously changing, which requires you to be constantly learning new programming languages and techniques to avoid being outdated
  • There are still companies that don’t allow remote working

4. Working As A Virtual Assistant (VA)

All businesses require a lot of administrative tasks to function properly such as answering emails, keeping accounts, solving small problems, and so on. This part of a business can be very time consuming, which is precisely why a few years ago the profession of VA emerged. A VA is a professional who is dedicated to helping others online, in all types of industries and with all kinds of tasks, but usually, it is a combination of email management, administration, and planning.


  • No specific technical skills required
  • Allows you to use knowledge or skills you already have 
  • It’s a very dynamic profession


  • It can be difficult to find the first job
  • If you don’t work for a project you believe in, it can get boring

5. Practicing Your Current Profession Through The Internet

The Internet has digitized many industries, and nowadays most professions can be carried out completely online. Practicing your profession online is pretty much the same thing that working from your office, except you do everything from your computer, and work with digital documents. If your career can be easily performed over the internet, you have a good chance of finding a job in platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, o Fiverr. All these platforms offer the opportunity of working remotely as a freelancer. 


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