AI Crypto: A Distributed Rewards System For AI Development

by otopenews

Artificial Intelligence has been dominated for years by just a few big companies like Apple, Google and Facebook. The huge data sets and massive computing power required for machine learning means there are barriers to entry. AI Crypto plans to tear up this oligopoly by building an AI crypto ecosystem where anyone can purchase a stake and profit from AI technology.

Artificial Intelligence is an incredible technology. It is driving advancement and efficiency gains across numerous industries. AI Crypto is now applying it to blockchain technology, specifically to mining. Right now, mining cryptocurrency is hugely inefficient and uses enormous amounts of electricity. GPU resources can be wasted if nobody can assign particular GPU calculations.

AI Crypto has developed new technologies to help solve this problem. The team’s “Distributed GPU Network” is a novel concept whereby requests can be distributed more evenly to different GPU pools. They are also working on a consensus mechanism called Proof of Value (PoV), precisely so that machine learning calculations can be incorporated into blockchain transactions.

Beyond these technologies, AI Crypto is making strides in research within the field of AI. At the moment, only a few big companies have access to enough data to effectively run the sophisticated machine learning algorithms required to build AIs. AI Crypto is leveraging blockchain technology to build a system of sharing in the AI space. This will give data providers a mechanism to share their data and a financial incentive to do so. Researchers and companies around the world will be able to access these data sets, bringing future advances in machine learning within their grasp.

From this launchpad, AI Crypto will be able to directly take on the current oligopoly in fields such as Emotional Deep Learning, Image and Video Analysis, Self Driving Cars, and Finance.

Artificial Intelligence has already proven to be a cornerstone technology of our digital world, and blockchain is developing alongside. Machine Learning requires massive amounts of computing power, and blockchain can provide it by bringing distribution and financial incentives to the industry. Combining the two is a natural progression and sure to be profitable.


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