C3C Platform: The Blockchain Fulcrum For Digital Advertising

by otopenews

In the beginning, there was AT&T.

Leveraging internet technologies has been a staple of digital advertising since the advent of the online universe.

Digital advertising, or internet marketing, has been around since the early 2000s, but it only came into its own from about the second decade of the century.

It all started rather humbly, actually. An AT&T banner ad on the then-popular browser Netscape circa 1994 became the patient zero of an unstoppable trend that quickly went viral.

The internet superhighway is paved with good ads

Seth Godin, author and former dot-com entrepreneur once said that “the cost of being wrong is less than the cost of doing nothing.”

Godin knew what he was talking about. He was once in control of multi-billion online businesses before the entire house of dot-com cards came down hard like a ton of bricks.

The evolution of online advertising has been inextricably linked to the relentless rise of the information superhighway. The faster and bigger the internet became, the more ads appeared everywhere, flooding browsers the world over and paving the way to marketing overkill.

The rapid proliferation of banner ads, PPC, SEO, etc. signified the inversion of insane amounts of money. Doing nothing about it was never an option, if one wanted to make a good profit.

AT&T’s ad opened the floodgates for an industry now worth around $50bn worldwide.

From AT&T to C3C: acronyms that changed the online advertising ecosystem

There are plenty of acronyms out on the big bad internet. The underlying technologies that power the online engine are certainly full of them.

But online success is built on more than acronyms. AT&T sure heralded the dawn of a
new era, now C3C’s ICO is going to take online advertising to a whole new level on
the blockchain plane.

C3C is a brand new ICO created by the team behind Cryptocoin.news, a leading crypto site that has formed a number of key strategic alliances with major industry players with the common goal of promoting the crypto ecosystem.

C3C’s blockchain platform aims to enable publishers to get new subscribers and new revenue streams through premium content, while also enabling authors to receive direct rewards from platform users.

C3C’s proposition intends to connect creators and publishers and enable the means for content monetization.

C3C offers three key benefits:

  • Direct rewards for creators
  • Personal data is controlled, and monetized, by its legitimate owner
  • Platform users can earn rewards by participating in advertising activities

The platform includes three technological pillars to support its offering:

  • Creators Rewards Protocol (C3RP)
  • A consumer wallet (C4C)
  • Advertiser Interaction Protocol (C3AIP)

The C3C Airdrop

C3C’s play on the online advertising game is kicking off with a bang.

The company hit a major milestone on June 6th, 2018, as the registration for its Airdrop (in collaboration with Airdropalert.com) opened to the public.

The aim is the establishment of a wider community to support the venture and the distribution of tokens to this community. The Airdrop is limited to 15,000 participants, and will be closed once that target is reached.

Digital advertising today

The industry has grown to a staggering worth of about $50bn, give or take a few hundreds of thousands.

The meandering intricacies of internet marketing are designed to mold the customer’s wishes and expectations to suit the advertiser, of course.

The technology, too, is rapidly evolving, leaving many smaller players struggling to catch up.

Advertising has become a very dynamic and personalized affair. Customers want to see content that is engaging and relevant to them, rather than having to shift and trawl through irrelevant and distracting content. Modern online technology allows for customer profiling based on browsing history, location, demographic, and other parameters.


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