Ceek Review: Celebrity Coin Cast And Smart Virtual Reality Tokens

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Interview with Mary Spio CEO of Ceek.

Can you introduce yourself and your role in CEEK?

I am the CEO & Founder of CEEK Virtual Reality.

What is the demand for VR products in the market?

The demand for virtual reality is increasing. Millions and millions of headsets are shipping each month with increasing number of uses for VR across all industries.

How is VR a different experience from today’s entertainment channels?

VR brings the viewer into the experience, as if you’re actually there. You go from watching TV passively to actually being in it and participating. You go from being on the sofa to rocking out next to your favorite artist on stage or front row at a sporting event.

How is CEEK positioned to capture this market and specifically is CEEK addressing a specific niche?

We are emerging as the World Leader in Mobile Virtual Reality Entertainment and Education, CEEK VR’s patented device agnostic headsets and platform offers a variety solutions to the everyday mobile virtual reality user, starting at $9.99. We are mobile first, so I guess you can way our niche is Mobile VR Entertainment.

What are the key USP of CEEK and how are these sustainable in the long term?

Key USP is the integration that we’ve done with Apple iTunes and Retail for music labels and movie studios. We have the only patent awarded foldable Virtual and Augmented Reality headset bundle available at retail today. This early mover advantage is a way to transition millions of mainstream users of content to our CEEK VR Platform. Long term it means late comers to VR will have to spend exorbitant amounts to compete with CEEK.

We are also the first VR platform that’s actually in the marketplace to integrate Blockchain technology, the resulting early mover advantage is many of the other companies are already looking to the CEEK token as the definitive virtual currency. We will offer an instant infrastructure with and support to the VR Blockchain ecosystem.

How will be the price structure to participate in VR experiences streaming on CEEK?

The price structure will be comparable to other streaming services with monthly subscriptions starting at $9.99 and on-demand averaging $4.99.

How close is CEEK to be able to stream live concerts?

We’ve already done quite a bit of live streaming. The live streaming technology that was available at the time wasn’t to the quality that we wanted. We are looking at a few breakthroughs in live streaming now, so by Q3, I believe we will be able to stream at a great quality.

Is there an established schedule for CEEK content and events?

We currently have over 100 concerts from top artists ranging from Lady Gaga to Katy Perry and U2, that’s available on CEEK. We also recently released an interactive VR experience featuring the music of Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, One Republic, Mary J Blige and more. We will release the schedule of originals for 2018 after we finalize the Artists lineup with our label partners.

What is the founders and advisors reward and what is the vesting period for these tokens?

We have reserved 20% for the team and advisors. The vesting period is 1-3 years.

Why is the CEEK team best positioned to deliver on the CEEK roadmap?

We are the only ICO in the music and Virtual Reality space that has the type of partners that we are working with and has already delivered product. It takes time to build the types of partnerships that we’ve built with Universal Music, Apple iTunes and T-Mobile. It takes tremendous talent to execute and deliver great product at scale and we are well on the way. The CEEK executive team comes with a proven track record of industry leaders ranging from Microsoft, Boeing, The Walt Disney Company, Dreamworks SKG, 20th Century Fox, NFL, Verizon and Zynga.

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