Financial Independence Philosophy

by otopenews

Financial independence is a thought process, it is a reflection of the neural connections within the subconscious and how they manifest themselves within the conscious. Thoughts are seeded from other throughs which grow into a decision that have the ripple effects of financial bloom or financial withering.

The structure of decisions is supported by ideas, needs, wants,  and dreams. This latticework of chemical connections within the brain is created through identity which makes our destiny. The recipe of the past and the present alter the paths within the brain and make us move in different directions.

Can you shift from your current financial mindset to a financial independence mindset?  Can you move from the “earn it and spend it” to another dimension?

Financial independence philosophy

The What? Why? How? Where? When? What? Of FI.


FI – Financial Independence is the state where one does not have to worry about financial issues in order to support the desired lifestyle.

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Freedom, Independence and Security.

Many of our brave ancestors have dedicated and lost their lives in their quest for Freedom and Independence. Long periods of human history where spent with the majority of populations under someone’s control or under the constant threat of violence. This threat varied from large animals, slave traders, the inquisition, the kings, invaders or invisible devils. It had the same effect, man and woman had their liberty taken away from them. They had to use their time to work for other or deal with others rather than use it for creative endeavours.

Those living in real democracies today are among the luckiest specimens in the human race. We never had it so good. What it if can be made better? What if there is a second path which can lead to more freedom and independence?

One of the last barriers to this path is the 40 hour work week, the nine to five and working for the man.


Cold selection, ensured that those who could delay gratification can survive hard winter and those who wanted gratification now did not. Those who ate the seeds during winter had nothing to sow in Autumn and Spring. They and their kin died. Those who passed the cold test, could sow, harvest, eat and procreate and survive another winter.

There are those who have both genetic traits and upbringing which have an easier time travelling down the financial independence path. For some it is second nature to be frugal and use resources wisely for others it is not. This means that they have to spend some time adjusting their financial philosophy. If not it will be a 24/7 uphill battle against one’s own basic instincts.

I suspect there are some strong links between Ks and those seeking FI. for more information r/K theory.

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Common FI advice is:

  • Save as early as possible.
  • Compound interest will do the rest.
  • Invest in low-risk investment and dollar cost average yourself in.
  • Automate everything
  • Pay yourself what you are allowed to spend

Indeed the above is timeless wisdom and sticking to it gives you the right to say “I did things the right way”.

What if, you discover the FI concept in your late 30s or early 40s? High income, high gains, low expenditure…might still do the trick. The risk is of course, that rather than becoming more financially independent, you become more financially dependent on the state, your employer and your children. It is tempting.

In weak moments the temptation will be to sell your house and buy Bitcoin, buy into an ICO to make x5 your investment, invest it all in p2p lending companies for a 10% interest or buy forests in Costa Rica. The means may make the ends unachievable.

Thus you need to protect yourself from your own money, because yes, money can be lost in the blink of an eye.

Just like still regretting that 20 years ago, you were late or said the wrong thing to a super date, you cannot turn back time and shortcuts could get you into all sorts of trouble.One needs to adjust his or her philosophy on financial independence to their own context. Maybe, if you come across this concept too late in this journey you can teach it to younger generations.

One needs to adjust his or her philosophy on financial independence to their own context. Maybe, if you come across this concept too late in this journey you can teach it to younger generations.

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Who is an ally and who is a foe in the FI journey?

FI is about you. The sensing, thinking and action engine behind your eyes, that feels and thinks every waking minute and dreams about infinite FI when it is in snooze mode. Driven by impulses to protect the physical and the ego it is designed to survive under the toughest of conditions; through creativity ingenuity, smarts, joining forces and strategizing against or with fellow tribespeople.

Man and Woman are social animals; friends and family are important because to survive and achieve goals, everyone in a family or social circle needs to be pulling in the same direction. Those who have their thumb in your budget plans, need to be on the same financial independence philosophy wavelength as yourself to ensure success.

We work better in tribes, because of better access to information, strength in numbers, the network effect and we have eyes upon us that are judging us. Are my actions a reflection of my and the group values and ideals? Is my FI philosophy aligned with my actions? The power of the watching eyes, keep us in check.

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