How Swiss Alps Mining & Energy Is Efficiently Managing Mining Energy

by otopenews

Nothing exists in a vacuum. For every action, there is a reaction. So, too, for digital currency, there is a physical raw material. While the process of producing digital currencies and maintaining blockchains has been christened with the term ‘mining’ metaphorically, it is simply the conversion of electricity to money. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies require energy-intensive mining processes, and this is why Swiss Alps Mining & Energy has come up with a Smart Mining solution that effectively manages the energy used for mining and residual energy from mining.

On the green energy front, Swiss Alps Mining & Energy will be converting dilapidated structures on the ice-mountain into mining facilities. They get to find a new purpose for the historical buildings left to ruin due to today’s Spatial laws, while also setting up environmentally friendly mining facilities. A perfect analogy of killing two birds with one stone. SAE intends for these mining facilities to be powered by renewable energy only.

Their main MVP happens to be a mining-in-a-box product called SAM Cube. The innovative, sophisticated modular cube system from SAE is a decentralized blockchain infrastructure, complete with mining facilities, all in a box. The SAM cubes are pre-fabricated and as already mentioned, contain all mining components. The cubes are installed in the new-purposed, dilapidated, unused buildings on the Swiss Alps mountains. Thanks to the naturally cold environment and location of SAM cubes at high altitudes which lowers water boiling point, there is no need for a cooling system.

To curb costs, SAM cubes will be powered from energy produced by SAE themselves and not purchased energy. This energy could come from SAE-owned small hydropower plant, or other green power options like photovoltaic systems and wind power plants. For now, however, focus is on acquisitions of hydropower plants for their merits such as exemption from water tax and low administrative costs. Moreover, small-scale hydropower plants have both economic and ecological advantages that make feasible the production of renewable energy in a decentralized way.

What makes SAM cubes different from similar installations? SAM cubes are ecologically sound and make highly efficient Smart Mining possible. This is because of its functional Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system that helps to decrease energy consumption drastically when compared with similar installations. The ORC system makes use of waste energy from mining activities to recover energy. It is an innovative process, unique to SAM Cubes from Swiss Alps Mining & Energy. Platform as a Service (PaaS) is at its best, through SAE’s Smart Mining that simultaneously offers an effective solution to a global mining problem.

Furthermore, SAE customers have the option of joining SamaiX, SAE’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support System that helps miners optimize their operations. Facilities on the support system are distributed and decentralized. Members can also rent these infrastructures from SAE and this allows companies to host their own individual blockchains.

In a few days, SAE would begin its crowdsale of SAM token, an ERC20 token hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Funds raised from the crowdsale (ICO) will be used for further development of products that would promote Smart Mining. Tokens are versatile and can be used both within and outside the SAM platform.

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