Hydrominder Review Pt II

by otopenews


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Interview with the HydroMiner team: Part II

Nadine Damblon: CEO
Nicole Damblon: CFO
Christian Vogl: CTO
Sebastian Karner: Lead Engineer

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Hydrominer is focused on GPU mining what was the reason behind this choice rather than other forms of mining?

To mine using a GPU is a lot more flexible than to mine Bitcoins over an ASIC miner. Why? Well, an ASIC miner for SHA256 (Bitcoin) will not be able to mine other cryptos, unless they are also based on SHA256. On top of that, besides SHA256, there are no really interesting coins that we believe will have a future.

Can you give any insights on the formula which decides which are the most profitable currency to mine?
Great question. This is beyond the scope of this interview, so check out our article on what we mine!

Hydrominer uses the water flow down from the Alps, was there any reduction in water flow, in recent years?

This can not be easily generalized. After reports from wwf the development of diverse waterbodies in Austria will see an increase of about 70% by 2017.

China has recently banned Crypto exchange but not cryptocurrency mining, in your opinion could this have an impact on mining ROI?

It depends if it has an impact on the value of Cryptocurrency for the Future, we believe this won’t be the case in the long run. Also the less competition in mining (especially from overseas), the better for us.

The HydroMiner Tokens are similar to a life time contract, these contracts tend to have a clause which limits these contracts in case the ROI turns negative. Does Hydrominer have any parallels to this?

There won’t be a negative roi clause. Also we will buy back Tokens on a monthly rate, for up to 10$ of net mining proceeds. Tokens will be systematically bought back at or above ICO price via exchanges, providing a fair token price stabilizer.

Why did Hydrominer choose an ICO rather than setup a cloud mining service and then sell watts or GH/s directly?

This will allow us to make a bulk order on mining equipment and get better discounts.

What are the advantages of investing in mining through hydro miner rather than mining with a self-built rig at home?

There are many advantages: You don’t need to assemble anything, you don’t need to battle the loud noise and heat coming out of the miner, you don’t have the risk that the hardware fails you.

How much watts are needed to generate 100 Mh/s?

940 watt for 100mhs ETH + SC

Does this depend on the equipment setup?

Yes, if we use only the new gen. cards, it is 526 Watt for 100MH/s.

Will this process be made more efficient in the future?

Yes, as you can see, the amount of mhs per watt is increasing with each generation of hardware.

Will Hydrominer consider other kinds of “mining” such as Storj nodes?

Yes, we are always evaluation new blockchains. We are currently investigating filecoin as a potential new way of HDD mining.

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