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Interview with Menno Pietersen, fund manager of ICONOMI fund: CARUS-AR

Can you tell us about yourself and your journey as a fund manager?

Bought my first Bitcoin in January 2016, been into crypto ever since. I was a investor during the ICONOMI ICO and got connected with the ICONOMI team, after I noticed that they were looking for DAA Managers I was very excited and jumped on the chance.

What is the CARUS-AR fund?

CARUS-AR is a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio with the aim of mid- to long-term revenue and growth, we provide an easy way to invest in the booming crypto and blockchain space.
The name is based on two parts: CARUS is Latin for: beloved and expensive, AR stands for ARRAY as in Digital Assest Array (DAA).

What is the investment thesis of CARUS-AR ?

Our DAA is a mostly passively managed DAA, we don’t day-trade but invest long-term. Buying CARUS-AR means investing in the developing and quickly growing crypto space. CARUS-AR presents a well diversified portfolio with the aim of mid- to long-term revenue and growth.

What are the goals of the fund?

The DAA is not about short-term profits; we invest in the best mid- to long-term crypto and blockchain projects and provide an easy way to invest in this booming new market. We hope to provide a fair and easy way for people to invest in cryptocurrency and the blockchain space in general.

How does the fund differentiate itself from the other ICONOMI funds?

I probably have the least traditional experience in investing and trading among the DAA managers. I am a full time business owner and front-end web developer. Since 2016 I have been very active and passionate about the Bitcoin and crypto space. I like to think I provide a non-traditional view in the crypto and blockchain space and will make more technology based decisions. We also are very active online and want to keep informing investors on a very regular basis using meetups, blog posts, Twitter and video’s.

What do all the ICONOMI funds have more than other “standalone” funds?

Menno Pietersen

The system ICONOMI has created with DAA managers is unique, it will be very exciting to see what DAA’s perform the best and how they will perform against traditional markets and automated portfolio’s.

Will CARUS-AR create other themed funds in the future?

We have no plans for this at this time.

What are your thoughts on EOS and do you think it will be eventually added to the index?

EOS is a very ambitious project, with a very long term strategy. the EOS price has dropped a lot since the ICO and could be a good buy at this time. The problem is that the EOS ICO structure is very strange, it takes a whole year and during this year many tokens will be created inflating the supply. At this time CARUS-AR will wait to see further developments from the EOS team and not invest.

What are the key elements that differentiate a crypto asset with long-term value and one with inflated value?

This is a hard one, but mostly I would say: media hype, ICO excitement, rumors about listing on exchanges and oversold news are the main reason for big pumps. I try to look for great teams, a good long term plan and solid fundamentals for the coin. Huge amounts of hype and many Facebook or Twitter ads usually are a red flag for me.

What are the entrance, exit and management fees to invest in CARUS-AR?

The yearly fee is 2,75% of the amount that is invested, this fee gets deducted little by little from the holdings every week. If you sell some CAR you pay a 0,5% exit fee.
There are no management fees or profit fees.

What happens to dividends, staking rewards or similar from the owned coins?

When the reward is not in the DAA (like the recent BCH or BTG hard forks) these get sold as soon as possible for BTC and get added to the holdings. Other rewards from coins that are in the DAA get added to the current crypto holding in the portfolio.

What are the skills needed to be a good investor and wealth curator?

  • Time to keep watching the markets, developments and news
  • Long term goals
  • A strong hand not to panic and sell holding during a dip
  • Due diligence on research
  • Technical understanding of blockchain and crypto

Which cryptocurrencies are the least hyped but have the most potential?

Some of my current favourites would be

  • Bismouth (BIS)


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