Kelta: Computing Power To Scientific Researchers, Scholars, Cryptocurrency Miners

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Interview with George Mac CEO KELTA

What is Kelta in a nutshell?

Kelta focuses on offering computing power to scientific researchers, scholars, cryptocurrency miners and many others who might need it.

How long has Kelta been operating?

KELTA is a member of the AGEM DATA family, a group of companies specializing in the provision of computing power. AGEM DATA is the owner of the data center building, while KELTA Capital, S.R.O.. is its operator as well as the vendor of the KLT token. KELTA was formed as a substantive entity exclusively for the purpose of the ICO.

What is the current electricitly consumption of the Kelta data centre?

The main benefit is our price-performance ratio, 3.0 USD cents pre kW/h. We have very affordable rates.

What if the current Th/s of the total data center?
Ethereum / Ethash – 2,7 Gh/s
Monero / CryptoNight – 82,5 kh/s
Zcash / Equihash – 29,5 kh/s
Pascal / Pascalcoin – 53,1 Gh/s

The above hash rates are per 10kW of data center capacity.

The tokens represnt a KW/h use in the Kelta network, how much Mh/s will it represent today, in 5 years time and in 10 years time?

10MW of already functioning facility power tokenized.
Our data center has high reliability and security at TIER 3 level. It is powered by two separate power sources and has access to more than 20 MW of electrical power.

Can Kelta token holders bring in their own hardware to the DataCenter?

In what currency will the dstributoins be made?

I dont understand the question

What sets the Kelta datacentre apart from other datacenters?

  • Kelta is running in a unique and already existing data center with a future use of immersion cooling technology.
  • High reliability and security at TIER 3 levelwhich means, that we simply guarantee ZERO drop outs.
  • The main benefit is our price-performance ratio, 3.0 USD cents pre kW/h. We have very affordable rates
  • Our data center is based in the Slovak Republic, a member country of the European Union.
    Kelta has a solution. In the very near future, we are planning to implement a super efficient immersion-cooling technology that will significantly lower consumption of energy.

When will the token holders be able to access the resources pf the datacentre with their tokens?

Approximately on May 7th, 2018, tokens will be issued to participants. As soon as the tokens are issued, they may be transferred to the owner’s personal account on the KELTA website. At this point, the token’s full functionality will be enabled – token holders may initiate cryptocurrency mining or other computational operations, or they may rent out their tokens and computing capacity.

How many Kelta tokens will ever exist?


What are the tokens that will be made exisitng to the public?


Will the other tokens have a vesting period?

I dont understand the question

What will the price of the Kelta token?

  • Pre-sale – 0.00495 ETH
  • Week 1,2 – 0.00565 ETH
  • Week 3,4 – 0.00595 ETH
  • Week 5,6 – 0.00625 ETH
  • Week 7 – 0.00655 ETH

Can you tell us more about Kelta’s debt, What is it’s ratio to assets?

KELTA has no debt, was established for ICO.

Will Kelta’s release it’s financial statements?

Of course, all financial information must be disclosed in accordance with the law


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