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Interview with Duncan McIntyre, Co-founder & CMO of Realista

Can you introduce yourself and your role in Realista?

My name is Duncan McIntyre and i’m the Co-founder and CMO of Realista, the first global real estate platform.

What is Realista?

Realista is a global real estate platform available on Android, iOS and Web with already over 22,000 registered agents across Australia, New Zealand and the USA (beta). Realista enables sellers to showcase their properties for free directly to potential buyers/renters, agents can list the latest property on the go straight from their mobile, and buyers and renters have access to more property than ever before on a local or global level.

Can you describe Realista in numbers?

Our global target market for real estate agents is over 5,000,000. Currently in the short time span since launch we already have over 22,000 agents who have joined our platform and love what we have achieved. The team has also received large amounts of interest from places such as South Africa, United Kingdom, Canada and all throughout Latin America. So we are very excited to be exploring those regions in the coming year.

Does Realista have any strategic partnerships?

Duncan McIntyre

We currently have partnerships with agents that operate and work under major agencies throughout Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Does Realista have a viable product at this time?

Yes we currently have a live iOS, Android and Web platform.

What is the status or this product?

Currently, Live since July 2017

Can you explain where will demand for the Realista token come from?

The team was searching for a way to incentivize agents to refer other agents to use our platform globally, and there was no easy and immediate way to do so. Therefore RET is establishing to be a means of further harnessing the growth of the platform on a global level and providing a means in which to do so. On another positive note, it provides buyers, renters, sellers and agents with the ability to feel that they are truly apart of the platform they use daily.

What is the unique selling proposition for sellers to use Realista?

Property Sellers will not only be able to reach their target market for free and avoid the expensive costs associated with advertising on any of the main websites that operate in the major countries, but they will also be able to utilize an agents network that he has built up over his career. By doing this selling or leasing a home might not only happen faster than ever before it will also save everyone involved time they would usually spend waiting for interest from the market.

What is the unique selling proposition for buyers to use Realista?

Buyers/Renters will be able to directly connect with agents that operate in their desired location and receive properties instantly before anywhere else. By providing agents and property sellers with a tool to directly reach buyers/renters at a minimal cost this will enable potential off-market properties to be seen, that otherwise would never make it to online.

What are the price ranges for the pre-ico and the ICO?

Our Presale and Crowdsale rate will be equivalent to $0.03 USD in Ethereum plus a 30% Bonus during the presale and up to a 20% bonus in the crowdsale period.

How many tokens will be issued at ICO?


Can more tokens be issued after the ICO?


What is the hard cap in USD/ETH?

Hardcap is $15,000,000 USD in ETH

What percentage will be reserved for the founders/advisors and what is the vesting period for them?

Realista withholds all remaining tokens after the presale & crowdsale are completed, for further development and stimulation of the platform.

What are the requirements to participate in the ICO?

KYC Process must be accepted.

In brief, what are the facts that make the Realista team able to carry out the Realista roadmap in full?

We have a small but very capable team based in Melbourne, Australia the built the platform from scratch and has already increased agent numbers to incredible heights. We established the roadmap in accordance to our abilities, and with further team members joining.


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