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Interview with Rafael Salmon CMO at Taylor.

What is Taylor app?

The Taylor company has developed a beta version of its mobile trading assistant, which is a product that enables both seasoned crypto investors and beginners to profit from the cryptocurrency markets.

What is the history of the Taylor App assistant, how has the algo performed in the past?

It all started with the proof of concept application called CryptoScalper. It read signals from exchanges and alerted them to a Telegram channel. The members of that channel applied the strategy buy putting orders in exchanges of both buy and sell and discovered that they made money from it. It was working. A few of those members became our advisors and pre-sale contributors.

Is the Taylor app also exchange or does it use third-party exchanges?

It uses third-party exchanges, as this was something the market already offered.

Are the trades based on computer algorithms or human analysis?

They are all automated. The humans in the management team of Taylor select the best strategies than the tech team automate them into signals that turn into push notifications for the users and into automatic orders that are sent to exchanges.

Are there any scenarios where the trade advisor temporarily suspends his advice?

Yes. There is a very well known operation from financial markets called stop loss. Taylor triggers a stop loss mechanism automatically whenever the crypto markets behave differently than its algorithms predicted.

Are the trades executed automatically?

Yes, they are. The only human interaction in trade is when the user of the app opts to enter a transaction (he or she accepts the suggestion). Then, the app itself does the trick and returns with the percentage of profit that was made and the updated portfolio balance in dollars.

Is there a limit on the amount that is put in a trade?

Yes. 1 BTC in the Premium plan.

How many trade suggestions are published typically in one day?

Several. There is no pre-established limit for the number of suggestions. But we have established priority notifications in the Premium plan.

How much does it cost to use the Taylor app?

USD 60 for the Standard plan, paid with a credit card in dollars.

If you pay using TAY, you get a 25% discount plus the access to the Premium plan.

If you buy and hold 1,000 TAY, you get access to the Standard service for free.

If you buy and hold 3,000 TAY, you get access to the Premium service for free.

Now there is a new service that was just announced: The Taylor Academy. A series of high-quality courses in crypto trading and blockchain world.

The same methods above that give you access to the Standard plan for the app also give you access to the Standard Academy for no additional cost.

When you have access to the Premium service for the app, you also get Premium courses, featuring world-class crypto influencers.

What is Taylor premium?

It is a service in which you get Premium courses in the Academy and Premium features in the app, such as a bigger trading limit and priority notifications.

Does Taylor take a fee on successful trades?

No, it does not.

How where the Taylor tokens will ever be created?

They were created only once and are sold by Taylor only during the crowd token sale.

How many tokens were allocated to the founders/advisers keep?

Founders: 10%.
Team and advisors: 7%.

Is the platform forked from another project?

Not at all.

What was the price of Taylor tokens during the pre ico and the ico?

Pre-ico had 40% discount.
Ico had 25% discount in the first week, then 15%, 8% and 0%. Last price is 1 TAY = 0.00093 ETH .

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