Voice Of Coins, A Crypto Index Fund.

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Interview with Nikolay Zuykov – CEO and Fund Manager of Voice of Coins Crypto Index Fund.

In which country is the Crypto fund Voice of Coins located?

The Voice of coins crypto index fund was established in the Cayman Islands in 2017.

How will the private keys of the coins in the fund be managed?

The security and safe storage of Crypto assets is our priority, so we apply best practices in the field of Crypto assets security. Thus, less than 10% of VoC’s assets will be stored on Crypto exchanges. This will significantly increase efficiency and reduce transaction costs. We also apply two-factor authentication for all exchanges as well as include additional control over withdrawal of funds.

In addition, our Index Fund uses hardware wallets LedgerNanoS3 and Trezor4 to store Crypto assets. For those assets that cannot be stored in these wallets, we use VeraCrypt encrypted

Will there be independent security audits on the coins?

The security audit of the smart contract was conducted last year by Smart Deck. We also plan to engage an independent auditing firm, preferably from a Big4 company to auditVoC balances and security management.

Why have the top 25 cryptocurrencies been chosen for the index rather than numbers ranging from 20 or 30?

We have been testing a number of hypothesis with different portfolio structures and

Nikolay Zuykov

rebalancing periods. So ToP 25 currencies together with 15 days rebalancing period – have statistically returned the best set of hyper-parameters.

What are the key points in the rule book of the Crypto fund?

We offer our investors our VOC25 token which is diversified, convenient and a low –cost tool for investments in the Crypto Market.

What are the requirements for investors to invest in the Crypto fund?

We are open to investors from all over the world. However, due to legal restrictions, we cannot accept investments from citizens/residents or legal entities from USA and CaymanIslands. To become a VoC Fund investor all you need is to register on our website, pass standard KYC and AML procedures and buy the VOC25 token.

What currencies are accepted for investments?

So far we accept BTC and ETH. We do not accept fiat currencies at this stage.

When can investors start investing in the Crypto fund?

Our go-live date was February 1st ! It was a long way to launch but the final product fully meets my expectations.


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